MwaaHAHAhaaaa!! – The Dinner Detective Brings You a Haunting Halloween Series

See, looks fun right?

There is something new to downtown Austin involving mystery, murder, swanky attire and a four-course cah-lassy meal! Sounds interesting, huh? The Dinner Detective is more than just a show, it’s an event, a new and exciting twist to getting dressed up for a night on the town.

Sure to get you ready for Halloween and all its spooky pleasure, The Dinner Detective show Halloween Show on October 28 is designed to make everyone a potential suspect or victim, even YOU. You could literally be sitting next to the killer the whole evening and not know it. It’s like “Law & Order” without the super-annoying ominous tones and instead of commercial breaks you get food…good food…mmmm delicious murder…Throughout the month of October, Do512 is hooking you up (like usual) with $10 off by entering the promo code “Do512” when purchasing your tickets through the world wide interwebs, or by kicking it old school and calling 1-800-421-7305.

Although there are some special Halloween inspired events, The Dinner Detective will be playing year-round at the downtown Marriot. Tickets are $59.95 (without the Do512 hookup) and discounts are offered to parties of 10 or more. There is also a cash-bar on site, because, let’s be honest here, everything is more fun when you’re a little drunky. There are also private shows available for large parties or company events. And in addition to ten bucks off, Do512 is also giving away a pair of free tickets if you “like” the event on our site. Get in the Halloween spirit in a unique way and get your Sherlock Holmes on at the Dinner Detective Murder Mystery show!

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