4th Annual Band Together for Hope

As a musician, I’ve played my share of charity events.  Not trying to be snarky, just wanted to point that out so you’ll believe me when I say that they’re the best kind of events!  First of all, if it’s for a good cause, then everyone that shows up is there to help.  It’s a good feeling to be surrounded with like-minded individuals that are pooling resources to benefit a specific group of people/places/things in need.  Secondly, if the charity organization knows what their they’re doing, they’ll hire a band that knows how to put on an amazingly fun show.  Then, you’ve got dozens of people having a great time, doing something worthwhile and enjoying it on the way.  Do I still sound snarky?  Sorry about that.

Now here’s an event that’s worthy of your attention and time: DiscoverHope’s 4th Annual “Band Together for Hope”:

DiscoverHope is a non-profit organization that promotes abundance and entrepreneurship for impoverished women through microcredit, education and training.  Every year for the past 3 years, they’ve been putting on awesome concerts that benefit women living in poverty.  This year’s benefit is happening at Ruta Maya by raising 200 microloans.  What’s that?  It’s a small micro-credit that is given to those in poverty to spur steady employment and eventually getting out of poverty.  How do they do it?  With your help!  Tickets to Band Together for Hope are $20 in advance, and $25 at the door.  Sound steep?  Well, keep in mind that it’s for an amazing cause, but the satisfaction of helping other isn’t all you’ll get out of the deal…

If you’ve ever been to the late, great TC’s Lounge on a late Monday night, there’s no doubt you’ve witnessed the gritty, authentic sound of the wailin’, hollerin’ Little Elmore Reed Blues Band, and DiscoverHope has them booked them for the show!  If you didn’t get a chance to see LERBB at their weekly residency at the TC’s before its untimely demise, this is your opportunity to check out one of Austin’s best blues bands.  They know how to get the crowd bouncing, to say the least.  And they wail.  And holler, too.  See?

Another band you won’t want to miss is The Moonlighters.  They’re a star studded super group that includes members of The Mother TruckersShurman/John Popper solo project, Deadman, and Stonehoney.  All the guys in the band are blue rock masters, and they get together occasionally between their respective gigs to tear your face off, musically.  Super talented, super fun.

Music and goodwill aren’t the only things to be experienced at Band Together for Hope, you’ll also be able to snack on some FREE munchies for you to feast on, provided by FREEBIRD’S!  Sounds pretty sweet, eh?  Well guess what, IT IS.

Come groove out, chow down, and help out some folks in need at DiscoverHope’s 4th Annual Band Together for Hope!

THIS Friday (9/30) @ Ruta Maya

$20 in advance HERE

$25 at the door

RSVP HERE for $15 entry, and one lucky RSVP-er will score a FREE pair of tickets!

See you there!


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