Fantastic Fest Day 6

Well, we’re starting to get to the end game of Fantastic Fest. We’ve had a blast seeing all these films, many which may never make it to wide release. But we hope that you might take the time to find out when they’ll be release on to DVD or streaming video, most if not all should be worth the time and money. We’d also like to think the amazing team of Fantastic Fest, Alamo Drafthouse, and Fons PR for all thier hard work in making this another great festival. We still have one more day to go, so look for our last day recap tomorrow!
Versus (2000)
Director: Ryuhei Kitamura
A seminal Japanese film by director Kitamura, Versus follows the story of two prison escapees, and a handful of Yakuza types, as they find themselves lost deep inside a forest. But not just any forest my friends, oh no, it wouldn’t be a Fantastic Fest film if it was a regular forest. This forest, has the power, to resurrect. Fancy words, but what it all boils down to, is a no holds barred Japanese action movie with zombies. And not your grandfather’s zombies, but gunfighting zombies. It’s true. These zombies know how to use guns. How awesome is that? This is the movie given credit for blowing open Japan’s now burgeoning indie movie scene and we likely wouldn’t have had most of the Japanese movie’s present at Fantastic Fest this year without it. It struggles sometimes with its low budget, but mostly it turns in a very enjoyable series of performances.
[John Shields]
MANBORG (2011)
Director: Steven John Kostanski
Oh. My. God. MANBORG. The first thing I want to say about MANBORG is to congratulate Director/Writer/Producer/Special Effects Stephen Konstanski and Co-writer/Actor Jeremy Gillespie. You did it guys. You made this movie. And you made the hell out of it. MANBORG follows the story of and Earth invaded, literally, by hell. A mysterious cyborg has appeared, however, to assist in taking back the world from its new masters, a man-borg, known only as MANBORG! Over the next 60 minutes, the audience is wonderfully assaulted with visuals, acting, and dialog that will take you back to some of your favorite ridiculous movies. There is something truly endearing about this movie, and it is obvious that an insane amount of time was put into crafting each and every one of these scenes (the less humanoid demons are all stop motion animated). A true labor of love, if you have any fond memories of watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, or the strange direct to video movies of the 90’s, please do yourself a favor. Have a drink, and watch MANBORG.
[John Shields]
Boys on the Run (2010)
Director: Daisuke Miura
This is a great coming of age story by Daisuke Miura. None of the characters are all too likeable; a porn addicted 29 year old virgin, a girl who just can’t help but sleep with evey man she meets, a hooker, an achoholic and a playboy. But the endeering part of this film is that every character is very human and we can see ourselves in every character’s bad life choices. Tanishi (the virgin) is a young man just looking to finally get laid, but whenever the moment comes to seal the deal either with a paid lady of the night or a girl he acutally likes he filps out and the gravity of the moment gets the better of him. This comedy of errors is sometimes painful to watch but keeps punching us in the face with the fact that nothing ever has a happy ending. If you’re willing to accept this hard truth in life this comedy is for you. I’d recommend watching it on DVD with some friends and a few cold beers.
[Sarah Arnold]
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