Rocky Votolato, Matt Pond PA, and Soul Rebels Brass Band @ Stubb’s This Weekend!

I don’t know about all you guys out there, but since ACL I’ve been having some serious live music withdrawals. There’s nothing like seeing a band put on a truly fantastic live show. If you’re like me and you’ve been craving some live shows recently…well then, luckily for you, this weekend Stubb’s has your back.

Both Friday and Saturday, Stubb’s is putting on some seriously great shows that will appeal to any live music lover.

Are you looking for something of the indie-rock or acoustic genres to relax you after a stressful week? Well…

This Friday, Stubb’s welcomes the acoustic crooning of Rocky Votolato and the indie rock sound of Matt Pond PA. Starting at 9:30 p.m. Rocky Votolato will take the stage to perform his folksy and alternative country-esque tunes. Nothing melts my heart like an acoustic (and awesome) singer-songwriter. And Rocky Votolato is no exception. His music is sure to de-stress you from your week’s worries, and (if you’re a silly girl like me) make you swoon.

After Rocky Votolato, Matt Pond PA is taking the stage. Matt Pond PA has been around for over 10 years…and for a reason! The band has a distinctive and fun sound that is sure to be great live. In my opinion, the more upbeat indie-alternative sound of Matt Pond PA pairs beautifully with Rocky Votolato’s more chilled-out vibe. You do not want to miss this epic pairing!

And of course, we love giving away free stuff. By clicking “I Like It” on the Do512 event page then you’re entered for the chance to win a pair of free tickets!

But maybe you’re looking for something a little more jazzy to liven up your weekend?

Well, on Saturday the Soul Rebels Brass Band are bringing their New Orleans sound to the Stubb’s stage. The Soul Rebels music blends sounds of Mardi Gras funk, soft rock, reggae, a little hip hop, and a lot of New Orleans jazz to wow you with an awesome, energy-packed live show. If that doesn’t sound like a party then I don’t know what does. Funk and reggae and hip hop and jazz all blended into one, distinct sound? That is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of…seriously.

The Soul Rebels Brass Band will take the Stubb’s stage at 10:30. And, best of all, by clicking “I Like It” you’re entered for the chance to win a free pair of tickets!

No matter what kind of vibe you’re looking for this weekend…Stubb’s has the live show for you. So go check out Rocky Votolato, Matt Pond PA, and Soul Rebels Brass Band! Do it…not just because I told you to but also because these shows sound AWESOME.

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