Do512 October Food Drive brought to you by Neumate

Do good things, meet good people.

That’s the philosophy behind this month’s food drive sponsored by Neumate, the new (neu?) local dating site that lets hip Austin singles navigate the local romance scene from the convenience of their laptop.

I woud date you, but I'm too hungry to think about anything other than pizza

Most people don’t think about this, but nourishment and dating are a match made in heaven. We’ve all been in that uncomfortable situation where you start to stare wistfully into your date’s eyes, only to have the mood destroyed by a monster truck rally of tummy grumblings. The last thing you want is to be whispering sweet nothings into your potential lover’s ear, and then be forced to devour their ear as a vital form of sustenance.

With this in mind (and also for the far more traditional reason of helping out those that cannot afford to buy groceries) we’re partnering with Neumate to kick off a food drive that will crisscross Austin in a network of non-perishable giving. Donations will go to two local food banks:

Hope Food Pantry – Hope Food Pantry Austin (Hope) provides groceries to approximately 50 families a week and approximately 800 individuals a month.  Hope’s doors open every Thursday and Friday mornings starting at 10a.m.  Many of our clients are elderly, single parents, homeless, disabled, jobless or under-employed.

Capital Area Food Bank of Texas – In its 30th year of service, the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (CAFB) provides food and grocery products to more than 350 Partner Agencies in 21 Central Texas counties. In 2010, CAFB provided more than 25 million pounds of food. The CAFB service area covers 19,064 square miles in Central Texas.

Neumate is all about walking the walk when it comes to non-perishable food donation. To get the drive going, Neumate has donated 1,000 cans of food to the cause. What could you do with 1,000 cans of food? Let’s see, you could feed a lot of hungry people…or you could make a giant hot dog out of cans! Ooooooh, cool! A really big hot dog!

Besides donating one massive-hot-dog-worth of cans (the standard measuring unit of can donation), Neumate is offering all sorts of goodwill incentives for people that check out the site. For every starry-eyed lover that creates a profile on the site, Neumate will donate an additional can. Feel like adding a profile photo? Boom! Another can goes to the food bank, and eventually to the mouths of people in need. Earn a 10-can “mother of all can donations” bonus by purchasing credits for use on Neumate.

What are these mysterious “credits,” you ask? They are the currency of potential love on Neumate. The site is unlike most dating sites in that it operates on a pay-as-you-go method. This means you only pay for as much romantic networking as you need.  There’s no monthly subscriptions or tiered gold/platinum/unobtainium payment levels; a credit gets you access to all of Neumate’s services.

The coolest feature though is that if you meet somebody you are interested in, you can contact them and then “pause” your account, thus preventing paying for a dating site you don’t need at the moment. Plus, Neumate operates free-standing local sites, meaning Austin residents only have to worry about interacting with other Austinites. This blocks the infamous Duluth, Minnesota sleazeballs that plague most dating sites from contacting you.

When you’re not navigating online courting rituals, check out the links below for spots to drop off non-perishable food items and help us feed those who need it most. We would like to give our utmost thanks to everyone who generously agreed to allow us to set up shop at their places of business.

– All 3 H20 Locations – 500 South Lamar Blvd., 7711 Brodie Ln., 505 Slaughter Ln.

– All 3 Genie Car Wash Locations – 7320 Burnet Rd., 1311 S. Lamar Blvd., 1021 W. William Cannon Dr.

– All 3 Opal Divines Locations – 700 West 6th St., 3601 S. Congress Ave Ste K, 12709 Mopac & Parmer Lane

Bennu Coffee – 2001 East 19th St.

– 2 Snap Kitchen Locations – 4616 Triangle Ave., 1014 W. 6th St.

Progress Coffee – 500 San Marcos St.

Irie Bean – 2310 S Lamar Blvd # 102

Also, feel free to stop by the Do512 office, at 2208 South Lamar, weekdays from 9-5 to drop off non-perishable food items. We appreciate any reason to unchain ourselves from our desks, and we promise not to eat whatever you bring us. Unless it’s Nutella; then there’s no guarantees. Of course, you can always just have Neumate do the donating for you by creating a free profile on the site. Whatever way you choose to help the hungry, it never hurts to put a little good karma in the bank.

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