Thrice w/ La Dispute, O’Brother, Moving Mountains @ Emo’s East 10/4

Hey all you crazy kids, don’t miss Thrice on Tuesday, October 4th at Emo’s East! The post-hardcore California band has been doing their thing since ’98 and there’s no stopping in sight. Originally known for their fast and loud heavily distorted guitars, Thrice has been shaking it up the past few years by pushing their limits and trying new sounds – and trust us, it sounds awesome. Not only is this constantly evolving group of dudes super creative and wildly talented, they’re also just awesome human beings. Known throughout their long career for donating portions of their proceeds to charities and non-profits, you can feel good about buying their album at this show because your money will be going to good use for people and organizations who really need it. We’re not sure who they’re donating to at the moment but in past years Thrice has donated money to our fave novelist Dave Eggers’ (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) charity called 826 Valencia, which promotes literacy and aids teens with creative writing. Dave, if you’re reading this, I love you.

…Moving on, Thrice will be joined by some pretty sweet bands at this show, including La Dispute, who rumor has it are some of the coolest people ever and sound amazing. Just a buncha’ pals who love to make music and have fun everywhere they go. Everywhere! With you! And us! Let’s join them! But that’s not all, oh no, because O’Brother and Moving Mountains will be there making you move as well. So don’t miss out on these bands and this night of awesomeness where you can make some sweet new memories at Emo’s East!

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