Beauty and the Geek Show Featuring PANACEA

Sometimes it’s tough to find someone to go to shows with you. Granted, you can always find someone who will hop along to go see Coldplay, but that Beatles/Metallica hybrid cover band you’ve always wanted to check out might take a little more convincing.

Thankfully, on October 7, Panacea and friends will be playing a show to appeal to two formerly disparate audiences. Whether your show-going friends are on either side of the beauty/geek spectrum, they’ll find something to love at the Panacea show. For the beauties, there’s the chance to dance the night away and impart your glowing radiance on everyone around you. For the geeks, there’s…um…the chance to have that glowing radiance imparted on you.

The original Beauty and the Geek was also known for featuring advertising that was super empowering for women

For those unfamiliar with the concept of “Beauty and the Geek,” the phenomenon is a long-standing tradition of pairing singles with disproportionate levels of society’s warped view of attractiveness (because we all know that true beauty is on the inside, right guys?). The most famous use of the phrase is undoubtedly the WB/CW reality TV show produced by Ashton Kutcher. Despite running at the tail end of the reality TV onslaught, the show was notable for its exceptionally geeky male contestants. Season 1 started out with contestants boasting such professions as “MIT Graduate” and “Dungeon Master.” By the time Season 3 rolled around, the producers got lazy and started captioning contestants simply as “virgin.”

Unlike the subject matter that the Panacea show takes its theme from, you don’t need to be either a Dungeon Master or a virgin (yes, I know those titles are synonyms) to rock out. And if you do skew towards the geek side of the thematic spectrum, they’ll be plenty of liquid courage on hand to help you talk to the beauties in attendance. The show is all ages though, so you might want to make sure that beauty you’re talking to has X-free hands before making your move.

Whether beauty or geek, a Panacea show is always a good time. The band has the kind of electronic beats to make anybody shake a leg, regardless of relative social status. They go on at 30 minutes past midnight, so you have no excuse but to put the night’s remaining energy into gettin’ down. My advice is to show up early though, since Red Eyed Fly has continuous music scheduled to start at 8:30 featuring Paul’s Garage, They Look Like Good Strong Hands, Vivian Holidays, and more.

Browse your way on over to the event page for more info on the show. Or if you have an inherent fear of clicking hyperlinks, just know to show up at Red Eyed Fly on October 7 at 8:30 for an entire night of great music and dancing featuring Panacea.

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