Clicks for Tix: Enter to Win 10 Pairs of Tickets to ACL Live

Two clicks is all it takes to enter to win a pair of tickets to ten ACL Live Concerts. Two clicks. Who doesn’t have time to click a mouse two times?

If you’ve never seen a show at ACL Live at the Moody Theater, you are missing out. There isn’t a bad seat in the house, no nosebleeds, nada. The stage is huge and the seats seem to encircle it, and then there’s the pit. Even if you’re not in the mass of people dancing, waving and screaming, it’s a blast to avert your eyes every once in a while from the performer, to the people. When they take their cellphones out, it’s like a little light show just for the balcony-sitters. Not convinced? Take a private tour of the space any weekday from 11am-Noon.

So you’ve entered the contest. Good. You made the right decision. Now it’s a waiting game. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email on Halloween! (That would make an awesome costume idea – A Winner.) If you win, you get a pair of tickets to any ACL Live Concerts (except tapings and private events) from Nov.1, 2011 – Nov.1, 2012 (assuming of course that the world doesn’t end).

And you will want these tickets. Check out who is coming to town in the next few months:

…and those are just in the foreseeable future. Who knows what kind of amazing acts will be touring Austin in the next year. Keep track of all the upcoming acts by following ACL Live on Facebook, Twitter, the website, and Do512.

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