We love October! National Book Month

Fittingly, October is National Book Month. What better way to spend this beautiful October weather than reading under your favorite tree or taking advantage of Austin’s countless cozy coffee shops or scenic parks.  With the weather cooling down, the leaves changing, and the smell of fall in the air, we know you stare longingly out of your work window wishing you could enjoy the fresh air.

Austin is such a unique place in that you can find peaceful and relaxing places in the midst of a crazy city. We especially love Austin for its appreciation of the arts. That’s why we love to tell you about all of the exciting things going on each day and night. We are all so lucky to be surrounded by Austin’s beautiful hills, water, interesting people and countless creative local businesses.

There’s something inspiring about the month of October. It seems that more people stop and take time to enjoy the simple things- like a jog on a beautiful day, a pumpkin spice latte, a great football game or a classic book.

In honor of October as the National Book Month we invite you to send us a list of your top five favorite books. Simply reply to this blog post, comment on our Facebook page, or send an email to Rachel@Do512.com. A lucky participant will receive a gift card to one of Austin’s favorite eateries. So use Austin this month to celebrate National Book Month- and then tell us about it!

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