Bassnectar @ Cedar Park Center 10/29

Up until college, I had never really been into the whole electronic music scene. I just didn’t get why people were into listening to music that wasn’t “traditional” aka didn’t really have typical melodies or lyrics or guitars and all that fun stuff. What was so fascinating about electronic music and amped up beats anyways? I later realized how wrong I was…

When I finally got around to opening my ears to electronic music I realized that…it’s FREAKING FUN. Seriously, there is NO dance party like an electronic dance party. The different speeds and beats and mishmashes of sound just totally pump you up and force you to go crazy. It is a musical AND physical experience, seriously.

And right now, nothing is as popular as dupbstep. And for a good reason. The distinctive bass sound is addictive. I overheard a little boy once call it “Robot Music” and I would have to agree. Dupstep is raw and powerful and when it comes on…you must jam.

Well, for all of you out there in atx looking to jam out to some serious electronic music and dubstep, you’re in luck! Bassnectar is bringing its sick eclectic electronic style to the Austin area on Saturday, October 29th at Cedar Park Center.

And trust me, you do not want to miss out on what is sure to be one badass show. Bassnectar is more than just an electronic musical project…it’s an experience. It’s powerful and diverse sound is totally insane and one of a kind. You don’t want to miss out on dubstep and electronic music at it’s best!

Bassnectar featuring Nelly Furtado- “Magical World”

So be sure get your tickets and check out Bassnectar on October 29th. You will not regret it.

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