Brujera with Pinhead @ Emo’s East 10/8

Heyyy metal heads. Saturday, October 8th don’t miss Brujera with Pinhead at Emo’s East! If you’re not very familiar with Brujera, let me give you a quick and awesome run-down: they are a death metal band from Tijuana who’ve been around for over two decades melting faces, kicking ass and taking names. They sing/scream in Spanish, mostly about Satanism, sex, narcotics, immigration, and other fun anti-Christian values. (Leave the little ones at home!) Though the band members seem to be in a constant state of flux, one theme remains consistent: they perform under pseudonyms, portraying themselves as Latino drug lord musicians, concealing their true identities to escape the feds. Role play metal!

Joining them will be Pinhead, a hardcore metal band hailing from Los Angeles, the scariest of all the Californian land. Get down to Emo’s East on Saturday, October 8th for a night of crazy headbanging fun with these two awesome bands, y’all.

Doors @ 9pm. Buy Tickets.

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