Death Cab for Cutie at Austin Music Hall

Let’s chat for a second about Ben Gibbard in a bunny suit. No, not the kind you wear in restricted labs. Think Easter Bunny bunny suit. I have witnessed Ben Gibbard in a bunny suit on a stage in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Easter Sunday dancing his floppy white ears off to Ra Ra Riot and it may be one of the greatest mental images I possess.

Yep, Ra Ra Riot and Ben the Bunny Gibbard

Then he married Zooey Deschanel and while my heart was broken , it was nice to see two humans I would proudly stalk really making my life easier. No, Ben Gibbard, I will posses YOUR heart darn it. Here’s where we could delve into how a pristine copy of We Have the Facts Are Voting Yes on vinyl was the primary object battled over in my great college breakup or how the Grapevine Fires video is the only animation that makes me sob, but we will stick with the bunny thing.

So cute I mean just so cute like o my geesh just so freaking cute

Death Cab for Cutie has been around since 1997 and have taken their devout fans through quite the emotional journey. In attempt to categorize the Washington band’s style, Rolling Stone magazine said that their albums contained “melodic, melancholy songs about feeling both smart and confused, hopelessly romantic but wary of love.”

Ha. Welcome to my life. Perhaps that’s also why they were able to seamlessly cross over onto one of those uber swankadoo labels (Atlantic) from Barsuk, and be featured in gaggles of WB television programming while still maintaining enough indie cred to be emblazoned on a T-shirt of a latte sipping twenty-something who knows about Ben’s All-Time Quarterback days this very second. Impressive.

Ba Ba…ba ba…Transatlanticism threw the guys into a whirlwind of success and was named one of NPR Music’s most important recordings of the decade. Fight me if you must but there’s nothing that better says “ok…I guess we’re starting over” more than those opening chords from The New Year blasting on the stereo every December 31st since 2003. Put me party dress on and let’s talk about how IT REALLY DOESN’T FEEL DIFFERENT! Sing it Benny…sing it.

Their wild success allowed them to explore other ventures and while Narrow Stairs was a good record, Transatlanticism lyrics were still being tattooed on bodies everywhere. Solo exploration began and Chris Walla began slinking a bit more behind the scenes working with other bands on a production level. Ben got to reading and then sang about reading. After the Jack Kerouac tribute, One Fast Move or I’m Gone with Jay Fararr (and a painfully limited tour for that), Death Cab got back in the studio and recently released Codes & Keys.

The show here in Austin takes place on Tuesday the 11th at Austin Music Hall. Tickets are available on Do512 to win here and for purchase here.

Champagne in paper cups sold separately 🙂


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  1. kaelin says:

    Last year going to the Rally to Restore Sanity with my best friend for my 30th birthday

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