Southern Lights Music Festival w/ Lupe Fiasco, RJD2, and More!

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending an RJD2 show at The Belmont, and it was an eye-opening experience of deft turntablesmanship. Before he began manning 4 different turntables, the show opened with RJD2 dressed as a spaceman and mixing some phat beatz on a robot sound effects board strapped to his chest. Then again, there are no surprises when it comes to a DJ whose actual birth name is Ramble John. I would love to see the baby name book his parents used to pick out that gem. Did they pass up perfectly good names like Ornery Jim and Prospector Cletus?

Anywho, you know this Southern Lights Music Festival lineup is crazy legit if RJD2 isn’t even the headliner. That honor belongs to the singularly talented Lupe Fiasco. Everybody seemed to know the name Lupe Fiasco back when the “Superstar” single exploded onto the charts. Certainly the single was worthy of acclaim, with its big pop hook in the chorus and Lupe’s autobiographical lyricism. Yet, if you only started listening to Lupe Fiasco post-“Superstar” and The Cool, you’re missing out on his fantastic debut album, Food & Liquor. The single “Kick, Push” first put Lupe Fiasco on the map for his epic similes, and the album features my personal favorite Lupe Fiasco song, “Daydreamin.” Besides using an awesome nostalgic-sounding hook from I Monster, the song builds to a fantastic height and cathartic release.

Along with the noteworthy headlining duo of Lupe Fiasco and RJD2, the festival piles on the impressiveness with a cornucopia of performers from the Texas hip-hop scene. Featured performers include Trae the Truth, Paul Wall, and Bun B. Along with this veritable Texas Hall of Rap Fame, 66% of A Tribe Called Quest will be showing up to host the show. This means the show is only 33% (rounded) away of being the greatest hip-hop festival in the history of rhymes. So if they ask whether or not they’re allowed to kick it, you best respond appropriately.

Wrap up the festival with a DJ set by mashup artist Milkman, and you’ve got the makings of a night to remember. The whole things take place at Austin Music Hall, a venue known for being one of the destinations for Austin’s biggest and best shows. Festivities kick off at 6:30, and you can get in for only 30 bucks. That being said, Do512 understands you’re trying to ball on a budget, and going to hip-hop shows gets expensive. With that in mind, we’re prepared to give away 5 fee pairs of tickets to the fest! All you have to do is go to the event page and click “I like it.” Yep. We can’t believe how generous our website is either.



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