The kids ARE all right, Residual Kid & others throw benefit concert at the Mohawk

Disastronauts is a new foundation that was started in response to the Central Texas wildfires. Residual Kid is a band whose music producer lost everything due to these fires. And now these crews have come together to bring you a show full of good music and good cause. What better way is there to spend a Thursday? (There isn’t one.)

Thursday, Oct. 13, the Mohawk will host the Disastronauts Benefit featuring the new EP release from Residual Kid! Boy + Kite, Black Books and La Snacks will also perform.

Residual Kid is a band full of good kids, (seriously, they’re all under 13) who, instead of playing up some huge EP release party for themselves, they decided to introduce their new EP by throwing a benefit concert for all of the fire victims. Their music producer, Jonas Wilson, recorded this EP, “Box”, in his home before the fires broke out and destroyed his house and music studio. This is their way of giving back, not only to their friend, but to everyone who was effected by the tragic wildfire. Although the band is younger, you wouldn’t know it until you saw it, and even then, it’s a little difficult to wrap your head around the fact that these are indeed, kids. Good stuff, they rock!

Boy + Kite started off with two of their members sneaking into hot tubs and pretending to be members of the bourgeoisie. And then they gained a member, recorded an album and are having a great time. Come see these characters in action!

Austin Chronicle said that the Black Books are considered to be one of the top ten bands in Austin to watch out for. Heed the advice, and get your ass to the Mohawk on Thursday, OK?

Ooooo, La Snacks, just as good as they sound! A delicious treat indeed…according to their facebook, La Snacks is a band “you can sing and dance along to, which in these dark days we need a lot more of.” Word. Let’s sing and dance next Thursday, cuz we do totally need to.

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