The Rapture Is Coming to Austin! Don’t Get Left Behind! I’m Hilarious.

The Rapture

Ready to feel old? The Rapture’s last album, “Pieces of the People We Love”, came out in 2006. FIVE YEARS AGO. Bush was president, Pluto was a planet, this writer was but a wee college freshman, and everywhere you turned was dance rock.

Surely you remember the dance rock craze of the early-mid 00’s? (aughts? aughties? whatever. shut up.) Franz Ferdinand, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, LCD Soundsystem, and The Rapture, of course. That classic “uhn tiss uhn tiss” disco beat, pared with angular indie rock guitars, usually.  Oh, the Sparks-fueled dorm room dance parties we had! We couldn’t get enough of that stuff!

The Rapture themselves, apparently, could get enough. After supporting The Killers and Daft Punk on tour in 2007, they pretty much went dormant, releasing just one song in 2008, The Timbaland-produced “No Sex for Ben” from the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack.

Things started  rumbling on the Rapture front earlier this year. After a major label stint, they were back on James Murphy’s DFA label, ready to release a new album. “In The Grace Of your Love” was released on september 6, 2011. A standout is “How Deep is your Love” which despite not being a Bee Gees cover, still manages to be pretty good.

So, the Rapture are back! and now they’re back in Austin, playing at La Zona Rosa (LZR if you’re cool) on October 12th. Opening the show is Cincinatti-based Poolside.

As is usually the deal with this sort of thing, we’ve got tickets to give away! Like the event on for your chance to win!

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