Friendly Fires with Theophilus London @ La Zona Rosa 10/11

For the following reason, you cannot miss Friendly Fires at La Zona Rosa on October 11th: you need to see what all the fuss is about, because it’s warranted fuss. Formed in the ‘burbs of the UK (St. Albans, to be exact) Friendly Fires is the magical coming together of three friends: Ed Macfarlane (vocals, synths, bass) Edd Gibson (guitar), and Jack Savage (drums). The guys met in grade school, formed an adorable post-hardcore Fugazi-inspired band when they were 14, sparking the flam which would grow into the irresistible sound of Friendly Fires. Their self-titled debut album was announced as one of the shortlisted twelve for the Mercury Prize a few years back, and their latest seven-inch, Pala, was judged to be the single of the week by both The Guardian and the NME. Sais Mohammad Choudhery of Consequence of Sound, “Pala is one of the most downright exhilarating records you’ll hear all yearwhile it was one of the best dance records of its year… Friendly Fires had nothing on the buoyant dance parties the trio’s live shows grew into once the band began to find their footing.” Now signed to XL, they join the label of some of the greatest acts of our time: Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Adele.

Joining Friendly Fires and hailing from the Big Apple is one of our new favorites – rapper Theophilus London. Pitchfork’s Ian London has already said more eloquently what I could try to put into words to describe him:  “It’s easy to see what the draw is with London: By cutting straight rhyming with large quantities of R&B’s 80s futurism and teen-friendly pop, he represents the contemporary ideal for a modern MC.”

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