O.A.R. @ Stubb’s 10/13

Of a Revolution (or O.A.R. as they’re better known) is a band that has come a very long ways. These guys have been around since 1996…when they were in HIGH SCHOOL. Do you know what I was doing in high school? Definitely not forming bands (well…not good ones anyway.)

After their first high school recording The Wanderer, O.A.R took their music to Ohio State University where, through word of mouth alone, they began to really make a name for themselves. Their 3rd album Risen debuted at #11 on the Billboard Internet chart and their 4th album Any Time Now debuted at #156 on the Billboard 200.

Nearly 10 years later the band is still going strong. Through the strength of their music, O.A.R. has gained enough momentum to evolve from a high school and college band into a truly awesome mainstream act.

What makes O.A.R. so cool that their music really speaks for itself. O.A.R. has become well known largely through word of mouth and Internet buzz because of their MUSIC and their fans appreciation for their music…not because of any marketing or advertising gimmicks.  It’s the power of their music and their live shows that has made O.A.R who they are today. And their sound is uniquely their own, with rawness and a catchiness that is both alternative and listenable at the same time.

Check out “Heaven” by O.A.R.

And having just released their seventh studio album King, O.A.R. has started back up on another national tour to show the country what they do best…performing live.

King sees the return of the Wanderer, the title character of their very, very first high school recording. The album follows the Wanderer’s journey to discover “that what the Wanderer, and the band members themselves, had been searching for all along, was there from the beginning. “ I don’t think there’s anything better than getting to know a band and following them on a musical journey….and this is what their album and their tour is all about.

And obviously…Austin is one the lucky cities that gets to experience this journey.

This Thursday, October 13 O.A.R. is bringing their music and their journey to Stubb’s. And trust me, you definitely do NOT want to miss out on what is surely going to be a phenomenal live show.

O.A.R. made a name for themselves at first through their music and live performances alone…which you know means that their live show is sure to be freaking awesome.

So be sure and stop by Stubb’s this Thursday to see O.A.R…you will definitely NOT regret the decision.

And you know how much we like freebies…click “I Like It” for the chance to win one of three free pairs of tickets!

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