The Stone Foxes at Stubb’s this Thursday

Stone (cold) Foxes

This Thursday, Oct. 13, The Stone Foxes will be performing in all of their blues-rock glory at Stubb’s! A band that truly thrives during their live set, The Stone foxes are a must-see. Aaaand you have the chance to see them FOR FREE if you “like” the event from our site!

This band could easily fall in the same genre as The Black Keys and The Raconteurs, but they’re a little different in their methods. As opposed to singing into mics or allowing the possibility of being over produced in a fancy shmancy shtudio, The Stone Foxes built their own studio at their house for their sophomore album, Bulls and Bears. They put up mattresses and just played, letting their sound emanate. It’s raw and it rocks. Seriously, get your butt to Stubb’s on Thursday.

And just in case you have 3D glasses, enjoy this video “Stomp” from the Stone Foxes. If you don’t have 3D glasses, what is wrong with you?

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