Get Sexy with Beats Antique at La Zona Rosa Oct. 22

Ya know what I’m in the mood for? Ultimate music seduction…how does one find such a thing? Enter: Beats Antique. With middle eastern inspired beats accompanied by some sultry belly dancing, Beats Antique puts on one hell of a show. They will be playing at La Zona Rosa on Saturday, Oct. 22 and Do512 has three pairs of free tickets to give away, so get to our site and “like” this event for a chance to win!

With roots in the performance arts, the trio is well traveled and has been soaking up culture as though it is their life-force. With stints in places such as Serbia and Bali, David Satori and Tommy Capel enhanced their classical training and gained experience in multicultural musical production.

So then these finely tuned musician guys were all…man I wonder what could make this even more badass? In walks Zoe Jakes. Nah, it didn’t really happen like that…

Among other things, Zoe Jakes and Tommy Capel had previously worked together with the Extra Action Marching Band,  a marching band-esque group of party crashers that includes drums, brass, marching (duh) and sexy ass “cheerleaders.” They once crashed a book signing of David Byrne’s only to impress him so much that it actually led to further bookings.

Antithesis of band nerds, Extra Action Marching Band

Zoe Jakes has worked with 2 major dance troupes and is a student of ballet and contemporary techniques. She is the perfect finishing touch to this stellar music ensemble. Her sweet moves bring these worldly sounds to life and together these three will inspire you to shake.that.ass.

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