Win Tickets to Praia Urbana Electronic Festival!

This October 22nd, Roail is hosting their third (and last of the season) Praia Urbana. Besides being the perfect spot for dancing the day away, it’s also the ultimate festival name to bankrupt Wheel-of-Fortune players. Think how many vowels you have to buy! Then again, it’s also a terrible choice for hangman, so maybe you should just keep “Praia Urbana” out of your word games entirely.

While the phonetics of Praia Urbana are difficult, the concept is not. The fest boils down to an all-day dance party with a stellar lineup of electronic acts. Our sources at our Portugal office (Do512 – Lisbon) let us know that “Praia Urbana” is actually Portuguese for “urban beach.” The duality of cityscapes and seascapes is the unifying theme behind the series of Praia Urbana parties that Roail has hosted over this past summer. The concept for electronic beach parties first caught on over five years ago in Houston, and this upcoming Praia Urbana marks just the third time that the event has gone down in Austin.

Houston’s great and all, but we Austinites know that even a festival that started in Houston will have a totally different feel once it migrates to Travis County. With that in mind, Roail has plenty of weirdness planned for the fest, including free body painting for those looking to turn any exposed skin into murals. Last Praia Urbana, they had fire twirlers! Don’t believe us? Check out the 3:12 mark in the video below-

The lineup itself promises the creme de la creme of electronic music, with Chicago native DJ Heather as headliner. DJ Heather was recently named in the top 45 of Chicago musicians. Considering Chicago currently has about 2.7 million residents, that means Praia Urbana boasts a headliner in the top 0.000017 percentile of coolest Chicagoans. DJ Heather cut her teeth as a house DJ for the Chicago club scene, making her name as a hip hop aficionado and turntable titan. Since then, her career has only gone up as she’s become more popular for her distinctive mixes. Here she is rocking a set at Coachella-

Along with DJ Heather, Praia Urbana boasts a lineup that cherry picks the very best of Austin and Houston DJs. The full list of acts includes-

Paco – The Family
Jason Jenkins – Hypersonic Radio
El Boogie –
Jesse Brede – Gravitas Recordings
Andrew Parsons – Real Music Recordings
Toddy B – Hypersonic Radio
Bobby Blyss – Praia Urbana
Alex C – Praia Urbana
Esteban Torres – Praia Urbana
Mano Grillo – On percussion

This is the very last edition of Praia Urbana, so if you’ve ever had the urge to go, now is the time to satisfy said urge. If you’re still on the fence, there are two great reasons to come to the show. First- it’s a beach party where the weather will actually be tolerable. It’s taken until October, but Austin’s “beach weather” has turned from Death Valley to South Beach. Second- we’re given away crazy good prizes for this shindig. Dance your way on over to the event page and click the “I like it” button for a chance at winning one of 5 pairs of free tickets, or free bottle service! As any beach bum knows, the best accessory for a day on the sand is a free bottle to quench your thirst.

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