Fun with song titles, Electric Six at Emo’s East

Last time I went to the gay bar, all I kept hearing was, “I buy the drugs,” from some Egyptian cowboy that went by the name Senor Smoke. He kept saying he had naked pictures (of my mother) so I was forced to get flashy. I yelled at him, “I shall exterminate everything around me that restricts me from being the master!!!Senor Smoke seemed to like that line. So much so that he stuck around after hours. It was clear to me that he wished for me to jam it in the hole. So I did. He was like a talking turkey and kept screaming, “I am a song!” And, “Danger! High VOLTAGE!”
It was a good night.

You should have yourself a good night and get to Emo’s East to see Electric Six. Because that entire paragraph was inspired by the crazy awesome sextet. Everything in italics is one of the band’s song titles. You liked that, didn’t you? Yeah, me too. “Like” the event from our site, and us Do512 gems will hook you up. If you’re looking for a good time, (who isn’t?) then check them out this Saturday, Oct. 15 with Kitten and Gentleman Rogues.

Kitten is an LA band that’s young, sexy and will get you dancing…you know…LA shit. With a strong lead vocalist in a hot little package, the bands catchy rhythms will get you all kinds of excited.

Austin’s own, Gentlemen Rogues, will be rocking their indie style sound as well.

So get to Emo’s East this Saturday, check out the new place if you haven’t yet, and try out your new dance moves.



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