LEAP’s 2nd Annual “Casino Royale” (10/14)

I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again.  There’s nothing better than having a great time while simultaneously helping others.  But what if you could be a refined, distinguished member of Ocean’s 11 for a night while helping others?  Sounds even better, right?  Tomorrow night, there’s an awesome event going on at the ever-swanky W Hotel downtown, sponsored by LEAP, LifeWorks Executives And Professionals.  LEAP is a volunteer/fundraising group here in Austin that supports the nonprofit group LifeWorks.  They work to help out youth and families around Austin and by golly, they’re good at it.

Tomorrow night (10/14) LEAP is hosting their 2nd annual “Casino Royale” themed night at the W, with gambling, cocktails and (most likely, bow-ties,) paying ode to the “classic” elegant and suave Las Vegas Casino era.  Think Bond.  James Bond.

While you’re enjoying your martini (shaken, not stirred of course) you’ll be supporting LifeWork’s initiative.  How?  By purchasing at ticket to this glamorous event, your helping LEAP raise funds to help support children in the Texas Foster Care system.  (There’s currently over 27,000 kids in it right now.)

Dress up slick, and go have a classy evening while supporting a wonderful cause.  Seriously, this is a perfect opportunity to help out others while having an awesome evening.  Sip a delicious libation, play the tables, win chips and enter a raffle for some fabulous prizes at the end of the night!

Get your tickets here!

LEAP’s 2nd Annual “Casino Royale” @ The W Hotel

Friday, October 14th (TOMORROW NIGHT)


See you there!


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