Manchester Orchestra, White Denim, The Dear Hunter and Little Hurricane

It’s a hostile Indie rock takeover!  There’s actually nothing hostile about it, but it might be if you don’t go to this awesome event coming up a week from this Saturday (10/22.)  PacTour 2011, (sponsored by your favorite surf and skate style shop, Pac Sun!)  is stopping here in town and they’re packing the big guns.  Manchester Orchestra, White Denim, The Dear Hunter and Little Hurricane!  Now, that’s a line up.

Atlanta, Georgia’s Manchester Orchestra, though not quite an orchestra by traditional definition, is an dynamic group that has been rocking out since 2005.  They have three full length albums in the bag, their most recent Simple Math which dropped in May of this year.  Manchester Orchestra‘s music is (without defaulting to the overused word ‘eclectic’) not easy to describe.  They definitely have a homegrown vibe, as the lead singer Andy Hull’s voice is quiet and familiar, as if he’s your next door neighbor’s son who records awesome music in his garage or bedroom.  But supporting him is an extremely powerful sound equipped with jangly electric guitars, driving bass and percussion and heavy strings that make you feel like standing up and shouting.  Hence my description “dynamic.”  Plus they’ve got one of the most entertaining music videos I’ve seen in a long time.

I wish I could have been there when they came up with this idea..”Hey, what if we shoot our music video in a crashing car?  We could totally be playing our instruments IN the car while it crashes!”  I would have been sold instantly, and after seeing this video, I’m a fan.

Also playing will be Austin’s own indie-math-straight up rock band, White Denim.  (If you think math rock has a negative connotation, then call me ‘Negative J. Nancy,’ because I really like it.)  Check them out in our lounge, when they stopped by and rocked our faces off:

The fellas in The Dear Hunter from the tiny tiny state of Rhode Island do NOT have a sound to match the size of their state.  Rather appropriately, however they have a member that plays the ever awesome fender rhodes (the widely sought-after electric stage piano, popular in the the 60s and 70s rock groups.)  You can see what instrument I’m talking about in this video for their song The Church and The Dime.

Little Hurricane.  I’m quite familiar with this pair, as they recently visited us in our Lounge for ACL, and let me tell you, the moment you see these guys, you’ll be in love.  Raw bluesy guitarist/vocalist and gorgeous, talented girl on drums:

Get yourself to Stubb’s for this show.  Seriously, do it.

PacTour 2011 featuring Manchester Orchestra, White Denim, The Dear Hunter and Little Hurricane

Coming to Stubb’s Saturday Oct 22nd

Purchase Tickets here

Wanna go fo’ free?  Like it here for a chance to win a pair of tickets!

See you there!

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