7 Walkers at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard

Alright, Deadheads.  We know you’re out there.  We know you think Jerry Garcia lives, and as much as we’d like to believe that too, we’re just not patient enough to wait for him to come out of hiding after all these years.  We also know that you crave any and all Grateful Dead combinations and collaborations.  So guess what? There’s a new take for your dead-headed selves to enjoy with Bill Kreutzmann’s (former drummer of Greatful Dead) new group 7 Walkers.This brand new collaboration of  old school rock and New Orleans Funk is what Kreutzmann likes to call “swampadelic” thanks to the sounds of guitarist Papa Mali, New Orleans bassist George Porter Jr. of the Meters (What?!) and instrumentalist Matt Hubbard. Come check out this eclectic new group  7 Walkers at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard on October 15. Tickets are $30 in advance and $35 day of show.

You’d do well not miss this opportunity to listen to the outrageous hybrid of  old classic rock and southern funk, but we understand if you don’t want to take our word for it…(we’re not offended if you don’t think we’re “hip” enough to trust on these matters.  We’re working on it by trying to wear tie-dye more often.)  SEE FOR YOURSELF:

7 Walkers
Bill Kreutzmann 
of The Grateful Dead, Papa Mali,
George Porter Jr 
of the Meters, and Matt Hubbard
w.s.g. The Trim 

$30 adv/$35 dos

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1 Response to 7 Walkers at Kenny Dorham’s Backyard

  1. Wouldn’t miss it for anything ~ THANKS GROOVELAND~ can’t wait to dance all night to the Walkers, it’s been FAR too long since they paid Austin a lil’ love~!

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