A Trip Downtown with Tabbedout

Downtown can be a hassle, even when you’re not drinking. Finding a taxi, finding your friends, finding your dignity – it all becomes a challenge when navigating the bar circuit. Add to that equation the complications of drinking, and you’ve got a perfect storm for strolling out of a bar without paying your tab. That was the case anyways, until my phone became a mobile drink payment system. While this seems like the ultimate enabling technology for boozing, it really just helps to streamline the process that was going to happen anyways.

Case in point – take my two experiences downtown last week. The first is the typical barhopping checklist: 1) Walk into bar 2) Order drink 3) Get approached by douche bag wearing a glittery shirt two sizes too small 4) Take a couple sips of the drink and head back to the bar to close out 5) Wait for the bartender to notice me while I pray that Ed Hardy guy doesn’t take the back of my head as a cue that I’m interested 6)Rinse, repeat

Whoa, girl, where are you going? You haven't even paid your tab! Now what am I going to do with all of these roofies?!

The other side of the bar experience Venn Diagram was the one with Tabbedout. Once you download and set it up (free, by the way!), you never have to pull out cash or plastic again because you pay with your phone. The Tabbedout app let me make my quick escape from compromising drinking situations by skipping the paying at the bar step entirely. It’s like a mobile getaway car, except that the car is your iPhone and the bank being robbed is that dude that keeps putting his arm around you and asking if you’ve heard of his band.

Other perks include being able to see an actual receipt. This meant that once I had successfully shielded myself from gross bar denizens and actually found a place good for drinking and lingering, there were no surprises come bill time. We’ve all had the experience where you pick up your tab and think “$27?! There’s no way I’m 27 bucks worth of drunk!” Or maybe that’s just me, but Tabbedout takes away the uncertainty at least. Best of all, you never have to wonder “Did I leave my credit card at that bar?” or try to answer the age old question “Should I just cancel it or try to hunt it down?” Speaking of hunting, I also no longer have to hunt down the other Kristin whose card I took home the night before after the bartender erroneously handed it to me in his rush to kick me out of the bar and start closing up shop . You know, the Kristin who took out her 15 sorority sisters on her tab. Nope, I don’t have to worry about that because I can see an itemized version of my receipt in real time as items are added.

Since Tabbedout helped make my nights out much more enjoyable,  Do512 is hoping to share the wealth with all of our loyal fans. Right now, we’ve got a couple of sweet deals for Tabbedout users. Everyday, check out the Daily Hook Up to snag some super cheap drinks by using your Tabbedout App. If you’re the photogenic type, you have the chance to win a $200 tab courtesy of your friends at Tabbedout and Do512. All you have to do is:

1. Download, set-up, go out and pay your tab with Tabbedout. Available for free at the Apple Store & Android Market 

2. Take a picture of how you tab out

3. Email your picture to TabbedOut@Do512.com

4. Check Do512’s Facebook and tell your friends to “like” your image for your chance to win!

5. Winners will be announced November 18!

Story as told by Kristin Owen, and made better by Jordan Ripley

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