The Dillinger Escape Plan @Emo’s East Oct. 26

Let’s break our necks next Wednesday, Oct. 26 at Emo’s East, you down? The Dillinger Escape Plan will be making heads roll and bodies slam along with Kill the Client and Lions of Tsavo. We have 20 pairs of tickets to give away, so get to our site and “like” the shit out of this event!

The Dillinger Escape Plan are seriously hardcore. Band members have suffered injuries such as nerve damage, a torn rotator cuff and a broken vertebra! Rolling Stone said they are “possibly the most unhinged band in America.” With claims such as these, don’t get busted for sitting on your couch watching lame crime shows next Wednesday. Instead, get your ass to Emo’s East. You could possibly suffer some injuries, which could possibly make you more appealing to the opposite sex, which could possibly get you laid. We’re just looking out for you dude!

Kill the Client
is a Dallas based grind band that will tear the place up. They have earned a reputation for their live shows and have played festivals such as the Maryland Deathfest and the Boston Doom and Grind fest. They don’t mess around.

Lions of Tsavo came to Austin from Columbus, Ohio to tear us a new one! Don’t be skurrd.


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