You People Really Freakin’ Love Schlotzsky’s!

So we’re doing this contest with Schlotzsky’s right now, maybe you’ve seen it:

We posed the simple question: How do you like YOUR Schlotzsky’s? What’s your favorite sandwich? Are you all about the original?  Maybe a combo meal with salt n’ vinegar chips and a lemonade ? Or are you more of a Guacabeefsky guy?  Perhaps the BBQ Chicken pizza floats your boat?  That sort of thing.

We figured we’d get some good responses. We know that people can be very picky when it comes to their sandwich choices.

We really had NO idea how much you people frickin’ LOVE your Schlotzsky’s!

Not only have we received some incredibly specifically detailed descriptions of lunch orders from all over the country, we’ve also been sent some pretty touching, sentimental stories. You people aren’t just passionate about your Schlotzsky’s.  You’re really passionate. You’re crazy passionate. You’re “you can have my Original when you pry it from my cold, dead, mustardy fingers” passionate.

Mmmmm... Original.

Sandwich to some. Religion to others.

Take a look at some of the entries we’ve received so far:

“I have been hooked on Schlotzsky’s since 1979. Once or sometimes twice a week these days at my Brodie Lane Austin location or Wichita Falls or Waco or Katy or Dallas or at the airport. I really miss the Butterworth Building location in downtown Austin. My contribution to Schlotzsky’s started at the wonderful Wichita Falls location in 1979 while at school and which may be harmlessly delusional that I came up with the “extra hot” method and add on of the Point of Sale button from my suggestion and preferred way to eat an Original. A little more cooked, crispy and crunchy.

Loved the original Schlotsky’s when it was in that first building on SoCo, now home to an Amy’s Ice Cream!! The original first Schlotsky’s sandwiches made back there, back then are still favorite memories, but I have to say my best Schlotsky’s experience was when I was on a long road trip, hundreds of miles from Austin (maybe Amarillo??!) and finding a Schlotsky’s there. It was a great touch of home for a little while. I felt safe, and I knew I’d get a great sandwich!!!!!
I love the original sandwich. To me it represents bonding with my family as we often ordered a handful of large original sandwiches and would sit around and catch up with how each other’s lives were going. IN this big city of Austin, few things are familiar to a small town girl like me. That’s why I love Schlotzsky’s so much. It is one of the few familiar places that I remember from growing up in my hometown. It once brought my family closer together every time we ate there, and now it is bringing my new family of friends together whenever we can. To you an Original Schlotzsky’s sandwich may not mean much, but to me it is so much more then food; it is a maker of so many wonderful memories in my lifetime.

HAPPY 40th, SCHLOTZSKY’S! I’ve enjoyed Schlotzsky’s original sandwich since moving to Austin in 1975. In fact, my first job in Austin was within a block of the original location on South Congress, which was SO yummy and convenient!
I will confess, however, I’ve found heaven on a bun when it comes to Schlotzsky’s 8″ Combination Pizza! I say “bun” ’cause the pizza bread is Schlotzsky’s very own. Nice touch!I hope I’m the lucky winner of the Grand Prize so I can chow down on my favorite Schlotzsky’s meal every week, compliments of Schlotzsky’s! Thank you for all you do, and I wish you 40 more years of success!

“Loved the original Schlotzsky’s when it was in that first building on SoCo, now home to an Amy’s Ice Cream!! The original first Schlotzsky’s sandwiches made back there, back then are still favorite memories, but I have to say my best Schlotzsky’s experience was when I was on a long road trip, hundreds of miles from Austin (maybe Amarillo??!) and finding a Schlotzsky’s there. It was a great touch of home for a little while. I felt safe, and I knew I’d get a great sandwich!!!!!”

“I am an Austin girl. Lived there for 48 years. Moved to Maryland 15 years ago. Now when I visit Austin – my FIRST stop is Schlotzsky’s at the airport…. then at least once or twice while I visit – and my LAST stop is Schlotzsky’s at the airport where I get one to eat and 3 to take home to my family. We miss Austin & Schlotzsky’s….to us the two go together. So how do I like my Schlotzsky’s?…. I fly 1500 miles to get one………………boy do we need you in Maryland………………now I’m depressed because I want one and can’t have one until I go back home to Texas.”

The Original. I’ve been eatin’ them schlotzskys since ya’ll first opened on Congress. Wish ya’ll still had that one. It was quaint and small. Every now and then you might accidently rub elbows with other schlotzskians. I miss that place. Regardless, that sandwiches are just as good as they were back then. I also miss the elbow rubbin’. Sincerely, Deborah 

I love the Smoked Turkey Light with avacado & extra tomatoes. I have been a loyal customer of Schlotzsky’s since the beginning…living in North Austin most of my life, our favorite location was on Burnet Road since the 70’s. We all love Schlotzsky’s!!!

Schlotzsky’s is where my husband gets his energy to unicycle around downtown Austin. Schlotzsky’s helps keep Austin awesome.

“My husband and I were one of the first customers when you opened on Congress in 1971.. We fell in love with the original sandwich…Now our favorite is the Deluxe Original Style meal…It is great..we have tried all your sandwiches, but the original is still our favorite..We have been married since 1960 and Schlotzsky’s has been our place to eat that stayed around all these years…others places would come and go…we still pick up Schlotzsky’s to go at least twice a month, we would go more often but we are now retired on a budget..keep up the great work.”

“You know, it’s a funny thing, my relationship with Schlotzsky’s.Growing up, I only ever got the cheese pizza kid’s meal with a chocolate chip cookie. The drink was always raspberry lemonade. All of my friends liked the Original/#1 sandwich. I hated it. Mostly because I hated olives. Did I think to get it without olives? No. Why? Because the cheese pizza was just so darn good I didn’t ever think of getting anything else. Plus it came with a cookie! Nowadays, I LOVE the Original. I *only* get a small original, unless I’m really hungry, then I get a medium original. Succinctly, how I like my Schlotzsky’s is: the #1 combo, everything on the sandwich, thumbs up on the free pickle, jalapeño chips, and I still always get the Minute Maid raspberry lemonade. Some things never change. If I have a sweet tooth that day then I get a sugar cookie. So Good! Oh, and with the sandwich, I mustn’t forget the Louisiana hot sauce. The sauce is boss. 🙂  On a side note, I’m so happy you have a Schlotzsky’s at the airport. It’s the only place I go to when I’m there. I fly away, but get to take a little piece of home with me. Also, my first job was at Schlotzsky’s. There will always be a soft spot for this eatery in my heart. You never forget your first…”

Look into the cheese...

Pizza? The circle of life. With pepperoni.

See what we mean? Clearly, Schlotzsky’s makes a damn fine sandwich, but it is more than that. Oh so much more. Between those freshly baked buns, nestled among the savory meats and cheeses,  hidden between the lettuce and olives and drizzled in your choice of sauces, are the memories, hopes, and dreams of people. People just like you and me.

Got a great story about how you like YOUR Schlotzsky’s? There’s still time for you to wow us with your ode to the sublimity of the Schlotzsky’s sandwich, and get entered for a chance to win A YEAR’s worth of sandwiches (or one of 40 FREE combo meals).  Let us know HERE. Contest ends November 30th, 2011!

While you’re at it, you can follow Schlotzsky’s on Twitter, and Like ’em on Facebook.

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