Perpetual Groove @ The Parish 10/21

Not only is Perpetual Groove probably the COOLEST band name EVER (no offense to any other awesome band names out there) but they are also a band who lives up their rad namesake. Perpetual Groove is an Athens, GA-based jam band that combines different genres with emotional intensity to deliver some seriously grooooooovy jams.

They are also known for putting on a seriously badass show. Their live performances are a musical mishmash of “jazz-rock, neo-psychedelia, R&B, trance electronica, progressive rock and anthemic arena rock.” Best of all, their powerful sound is matched with an equally powerful LIGHT SHOW that is sure to mesmerize.

I don’t know about you guys, but there is absolutely nothing like a great band performing against the backdrop of a ridiculously cool light show. The intensity of the lights and the music together just make the live music experience MAGICAL.

Perpetual Groove’s awesome reputation has carried them to festivals across the country, such as Bonnaroo and All Good. Now they’re touring across the country and, obviously, Perpetual Groove is bringing their powerful, live music prowess to the Live Music Capital of the World.

This Friday, October 21 Perpetual Groove is bringing their groovy show to The Parish. If you want to jam out and perpetually groove this weekend then the Parish is where you want to be!

Check out: “Sundog” by Perpetual Groove

An awesome live band AND a cool light show all in one? Who wouldn’t want to check this out??

Doors open at 8 p.m….be there!

And we have free stuff! Click “I Like It” for the chance to win a pair of free tickets!

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