Matthew Mayfield with Reed Turner (10/26) AND Melissa Ferrick with Vandaveer (10/27)

Stubb’s is bubblin’ with so many awesome shows, we decided to post about two amazing ones coming up, and they’re back to back starting next Thursday: Matthew Mayfield with Reed Turner (10/26) and Melissa Ferrick with Vandaveer (10/27.)  Here’s the rundown:

Soulful vocals with an Alabama twang: Matthew Mayfield is an AL native, recently turned solo artist after a successful run with the group Moses Mayfield.  Releasing six EPs between 2009 and 2010 and giving away a free song from each, this guy is a songwriting powerhouse, as well as tactful businessman, (which is how you gotta roll these days in the music biz.)  He can also dress sharp:

His latest album, Now You’re Free, released this year is full of catchy, clean-cut and driving melodies and textures.  Here’s a cut from it, entitled Fire Escape:

Reed Turner will be opening the show, and even though he’s lived in LA, Nashville and Portland, we can still claim him as our own, as he was raised in Austin:

Matthew Mayfield with Reed Turner 10/26 at Stubb’s – 8:00

Like it here for a chance to win a pair of tickets!


The very next night (10/27,) Stubb’s has Melissa Ferrick.  With 12 years of formal music training, including a few years in the Berklee College of Muisc program, she comes to Austin with serious talent and well spindled, lyrically rich tunes:

Washington, D.C.’s Vandaveer is opening, and if you haven’t heard them, check them out.  D.C. recently survived earthquakes and hurricanes,  If their music is nearly as smooth as their name, you won’t want to miss them.   

Melissa Ferrick with Vandaveer (10/27) @ Stubb’s

(Like it here for a chance to win free tickets!)

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