The Drums with io echo at The Parish

This Sunday, the 23rd, The Drums will be joining their buddies io echo to play a show at The Parish. Contrary to their mono-instrumental band name, The Drums actually offer a whole assortment of music-producing devices for your audio enjoyment. The Drums are one of those bands where you can see their songs playing over a montage of people becoming friends. The band plays the kind of pop music that flat out makes you feel good inside. On the indie scene, catchy tunes this earnest are rare, and it’s a refreshing return to songs of old.

This isn’t to say that the upbeat guitar riffs and quick tempo doom The Drums to pure bubblegum pop status. A listen to the band can’t help but draw comparisons to professed influences The Smiths and Joy Division (give “Best Friend” a spin to hear the echoes of Manchester-era Britpop bands past). Tracks like Money invoke a pop sound popularized by other more recent indie outfits. Fans of fellow British-sounding We Are Scientists will recognize the kindred spirits on The Drums’ “Money.” In fact, Danny Lee Allen, the drummer for We Are Scientists, joined The Drums for their tour starting in June of this year. If you end up the drummer for a band that’s named after your instrument, you know you’ve made it. At least, that’s how Jimmy Paige felt during his short stint with “The Lead Guitars.”

Up next in U.S.-based bands with faintly Limey sounds is io echo, the Los Angeles pop group. The pair of Leopold Ross and Ioanna Gika have already opened for Florence and the Machine, and they’ve been catching a lot of attention for their songs that mix equal parts ethereal and electric. Check out When The Lilies Die to get a good feel for the duo’s tone of pop poised on the verge of chaos (also, whistling!)-

If you’ve had your fill of listening to the Internet versions of these two bands, check them out live this Sunday at The Parish. The show promises to be a great night of pop music that swings from the conventional to the surreal. If only there were some free tickets to be found for the show…oh yeah. We’re giving out a pair of tickets at 100% no cost to you. Actually, there’s the opportunity cost of the time it takes you to visit the event page and click “I like it,” but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

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