Kung Fu Saloon: Quarters 4 Relief

On April 27th I was checking Twitter to see what the hap was around town, when suddenly my feed was flooded with “pray for Tuscaloosa” and “tornado in Alabama” tweets. Confused about what had happened I quickly checked the news and my heart sank as I read details about the devastating tornadoes that tore through Alabama that day. My first thoughts ran to my friends in Tuscaloosa. Were they alright? Was the University okay? Unfortunately as the hours passed, more and more disheartening news came from Alabama. Hundreds of homes and business were destroyed; dozens of people lost their lives. Luckily, however, it took about 2 minutes before the rest of the nation began pulling together to help out those states affected by the storms.

We’ve seen a great deal of love here in Austin, too. Kung Fu Saloon, known for regularly donating 15% of their profits one night a month to a charity organization, have decided to do something to help out the victims of the Alabama tornadoes. Starting this weekend and through May 21st, Kung Fu Saloon will be donating 100% of the quarters used on their arcade games to the American Red Cross to aid in the relief effort, in an event called Quarters4Relief. Kung Fu has sixteen vintage arcade games including Donkey Kong, Ms. Pacman, and Mortal Kombat.

Kung Fu Saloon held a similar fundraiser not long ago to raise over $1000 for Haiti relief efforts. While a quarter may seem like a tiny donation, it is something we can all contribute, and Kung Fu Saloon knows that every little bit helps. So come on out to Kung Fu Saloon this coming week to play some awesome arcade games and donate your quarters to a very worthy cause.

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One Response to Kung Fu Saloon: Quarters 4 Relief

  1. I have heard a lot about Kung Fu, and am glad to see that places around Austin are coming up with new ideas to support the victims of the many disasters we’ve seen in our country and around the globe this spring. Keep Austin Weird and giving back!

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